Welcome to the brand new NEADS blog!

NEADS is an organization that generates a lot of stories and we decided we needed a place to share those stories. Every single day our highly skilled assistance dogs make a profound difference for the people they are matched with, helping individuals with disabilities to lead more independent lives. Each of these people has a wealth of heartwarming stories to share about the impact these loveable, intelligent companions have had on them and their families.

Not only that, but our organization thrives through the help of a vast network of devoted volunteers, puppy raisers, prison inmates (who train our puppies!), prison administrators, staff members, veterinarians, board of directors, and others. Each of these people has so much to share about our dogs. We wanted to give them a forum to tell others about their passion for NEADS.

Please check back frequently to read more about NEADS and our assistance dogs — and don’t forget to check every day at 11AM, Monday through Friday, for a photo of an adorable puppy!