Austin & Chase: Lucky to have each other

This post was written by Austin Burchard

_MG_9593When I first got injured overseas in Afghanistan, I never thought about getting a service dog to help me because I just wanted to be as normal as possible doing stuff on my own without any assistance. When I was introduced to NEADS, I submitted my application to see what would happen. I was accepted and went through the training. Chase helps me get things off of the ground that I have dropped. He can open up doors and turn on light switches. He can get my phone if I fall out of my wheelchair. When I am in my chair and get too far forward, he can come and brace his body to help me get back into my chair. Chase has eased my wife’s nerves when I go to different locations without her. He has given me more confidence and I know that I can go anywhere without any fears. I have grown attached to Chase and I think that I am extremely lucky to have a dog that looks to help me and just wants to make me happy.— Austin Burchard

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