11AM Cute Puppy — Read about how the person who named little Django picked his unique name!

Visit us Monday through Friday at 11AM for your cute puppy fix! Each photo features a puppy who is currently (or was previously) in training to become an assistance dog for someone who is deaf or has a disability.

Read below about how the person who named little Django picked his unique name!

django outside

I thought that the true story of guitarist Django Reinhardt might be inspiring for the person who NEADS matches with the puppy Django. Born in the early 1900s, Django Reinhardt was such a talented guitarist that he was already making a living playing guitar by the time he was 13. When he was 18, he was severely burned in a house fire. Two of the fingers on his left hand were paralyzed and his right leg was paralyzed. Doctors believed he would never play guitar or walk again. Despite the doctors’ misgivings, he not only walked, but he also taught himself to play the guitar all over again, playing his solos with only two fingers in a completely new way. And how did this affect his life? Django Reinhardt went on to become one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Django’s story resonates as an example of how overcoming the greatest limitations can itself inspire greatness.

My hope is that the puppy Django will inspire this same kind of resiliance, hope, and determination in the person he is matched with.

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