NEADS Loves Autism Awareness Month!

Jake and his "social dog" Basket

Jake and his “social dog” Basket

Did you know that April is Autism Awareness month? NEADS trains assistance dogs to help children on the Autism spectrum. Kids have a hard time fitting in and making friends, and social interaction for children with autism can be even more difficult. For many of these kids, a “social dog” can make all the difference. Dogs won’t judge a child; they don’t care how popular a child is or how he or she forms sentences. The constant companionship and friendship of such a loving creature can help a child with autism build confidence.

autism_awarenessSocial dogs accompany their partner to doctor’s appointments, restaurants, sporting events, and other public places. Many children who have a hard time coping with change find that having a constant companion can help them deal with transitions from place to place and can add a bit of consistency to each day. In this respect, the dog serves as a focal point for the child. Parents are also able to help their children learn to read body language and learn empathy for others by using the dog as a model. Because our dogs are confident and happy to be in new situations, they are great examples for children.

Click here for more information on our “social” dogs.

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