Happy April Fool’s — er… Happy New Year?

April has put a spirit of youth in everything…
–William Shakespeare

EDITED New year© tbp_MURRAY_09833Once upon a time, New Year’s Eve was held on March 31st. This made April 1st New Year’s Day.  Then, over time, they decided to change the calendar and move New Year’s to January 1st. Some people were slow to get the news about the change in dates for the New Year celebration and they continued to carry on with their festivities on March 31st—this made the people celebrating on April 1st look like fools…and thus started the tradition of pranking and having April fools jokes.  In April, the “spirit of youth” seems to take over all of us and we enjoy the silliness of April Fools.  So now you must decide, did I tell you a true story? Or is this all an “April Fools?” — Guest blogger, Michele Fournier

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