Happy St. Patrick’s Day, from your favorite canine companion


view_2The Irish have several wonderful words which have no direct translation into English. The first word is craic which is pronounced ‘crack’ and loosely interpreted, it means good fun and great company.  Of course, if one is actually in Ireland, there is probably a pub involved in craic, but the most remarkable thing about this term is that it is always used to describe a social situation with a trusted and loyal companion. While we are far from a pub in Dublin or Galway, it seems that craic can always be found in the company of a very special canine companion. The NEADS dogs provide the opportunity for interaction, greater independence and ease in social situations. The dogs help children and adults feel more secure, overcome anxiety, and grant freedom, mobility and independence. The NEADS service dog can provide a moment of good company and fun and can certainly bring a smile to the face. If having craic is dependent upon all of these things; then the NEADS dogs are the epitome of craic.

On this St. Patrick’s Day, we salute the dogs with the traditional cheer. Slainte!—literally translated—“health.” Wishing everyone health and craic on this and every day. Guest blogger Michele Fournier

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