11AM Cute Puppy — Ravyn, your fluffiness is charming!

Visit us Monday through Friday at 11AM for your cute puppy fix! Each photo features a puppy who is in training to become an assistance dog for someone who is deaf or has a disability.

Ravyn, your fluffiness is charming!

2 thoughts on “11AM Cute Puppy — Ravyn, your fluffiness is charming!

  1. Somewhere I read the comment that NEADS gets asked about the Gentle Leader all the time, and asked if anyone wanted to comment on what it is. I get asked about it at least once each time we’re out, and my response is always, “No, it’s not a muzzle! It’s called a ‘Gentle Leader’, and is just as it sounds. It is a type of collar which sits above the Adam’s apple, and at the base of the skull. If a dog pulls on his/her leash in a normal collar, it applies pressure at the Adam’s apple and can cause pain or even damage. With a Gentle Leader a tug just reminds the dog that he’s on lead and not to pull. Also, a quick, sharp leash correction does not cause the dog pain and therefore has no reason to fear. It makes walking your dog a pleasant experience, and is a necessity for Service Dogs on whom the disabled depend.” It can be rather comical to watch the dog try to “wipe” the nose strap off! Tippy gets it off at least once a week! He does it in the car, and I know when, because he won’t face forward and plays “possum” with his paws covering his muzzle!

  2. my quickesst reply for “what’s that” (regarding the gentle leader ) is…’ it’s like a halter that a horse would wear… stear the head, stear the animal”… since we live in “farm country” most people know exactly what I mean when I say that……

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