IBM Employees Spruce up the NEADS Campus

A huge thank you to the approximately 50 employees of IBM who came to NEADS on Friday Oct. 14, Tuesday Oct. 18 and Monday Oct. 24 to help out at NEADS. They spent their time fixing up the NEADS campus as part of their corporate volunteer day in celebration of IBM’s 100th anniversary. In addition to all they accomplished, they were able to hit the required 50 volunteers in order to submit a $5,000 grant to IBM on behalf of NEADS! Here are just some of the tasks they completed:

  • Washed and rinsed all “available” walls in the Client House
  • Moved heavy walling to basement
  • Prepped and painted the kitchen
  • Prepped and painted the Hearing Lab
  • Prepped and painted hallway door and back of lobby wall
  • Framed a new storage area in the basement, complete with door!
  • Emptied, moved, and loaded storage cabinets
  • Straightened up and organized major area in basement
  • Loaded slats in the fence in back for privacy
  • Shoveled and “pounded” dirt on the puppy path
  • Raked leaves
  • Cleaned leaves from the back ramp of the client house
  • Put chicken wire up on in the storage area in the basement
  • Painted the hall, the Hearing Lab, kitchen doors and table and shelf
  • Removed old drapery from the conference room
  • Raked ALL house properties on Rt 140 and in front of the Client house and Admin building
  • Painted the fence out back
  • Cleaned the puppy pen and moved mats and play structures
  • Shoveled dirt on the puppy path, finished moving all the dirt from the driveway
  • Stained the deck, ramp and railings at the client house
  • Played with the puppies (the hardest part of all)…

Thank you to everyone who participated! Your hard work is much appreciated!

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