The Gift of Naming a Puppy

What makes our Name-A-Puppy program so special? Hear from Sherry, whose friends named a puppy in her honor:

My friends named a dog in my honor; it was such a meaningful gift in so many ways.  Each time I got an update from NEADS on how “little Sherry” was progressing in her training, I was reminded of the caring and generosity of my friends.  It was also such a special gift because I knew it commemorated a new chapter in another person’s life—someone who would be blessed with the assistance, companionship and love of a beautiful NEADS dog.                                                                    –Sherry

Sherry received these photos and other updates on an ongoing basis from NEADS about the puppy’s progress!

This summer, Sherry was matched with her partner Ted Berberian, whom she will help for the rest of her life as a working assistance dog!

For more information on how you can name a puppy and get updates on the dog’s progress as it goes through training, visit our website or contact

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