What is it like to be a weekend puppy raiser for NEADS?

Dottie in the snow last winter

We recently got an unsolicited email from Lisa Campbell, one of our weekend puppy raisers, describing what the experience of working with young “Dottie” has been like for her.

Working with Dottie has been very satisfying. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this program.  The outpouring of support and admiration for NEADS everywhere I go is absolutely astounding.  Two recent events have touched me deeply, and I would like to share them with you.

About a month ago a woman approached me to ask about Dottie.  We spoke for a short while and she told me about her NEADS dog acquired for her autistic son.  She was so grateful for the opportunities given to her son because of NEADS.  She said their NEADS dog was the single most beneficial experience for her autistic son and she told me story after fantastic story about their positive experience.

Then last weekend a mother approached me with eager eyes and warm hands for Dottie and her story really touched me.  I was at a local Starbucks and Dottie was lying under my chair.  This woman approached me, got down on her knees and looked up at me.  She began to tell me about her deaf, blind, mentally disabled child and their NEADS dog. Within a minute, tears were streaming down her face as she pulled out her phone and started showing me photo after photo of the dog and her child.  She broke down, put her phone away, patted Dottie’s head, stood up, wiping the tears from her face, thanked me and walked off.  I was stunned by the outpouring of emotion and the gratitude this woman expressed for their NEADS dog.

I was prepared to be a weekend puppy raiser with kongs, bowls and a good attitude.  I had no idea that I would encounter such amazing people touched so positively by your organization.  Every time I pick Dottie up at MCI Framingham [where she is trained Monday through Friday as part of the Prison PUP Partnership], I am reminded how wonderful it is to have freedom, and every time I encounter a brave and grateful parent I am reminded how lucky I am to have such a healthy child.

Wow.   Thank you for this.
Kind regards,

Lisa Campbell

Dottie in training

Do you have a story to share about being a weekend puppy raiser or about NEADS in general? Please contact lbrown@neads.org.

One thought on “What is it like to be a weekend puppy raiser for NEADS?

  1. Lisa,

    It is indeed heart rendering. I often wish that as a WPR that I could share the puppy with others for a longer period of time. Sometimes Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon is too short for puppy socialization and for NEADS awareness outreach. The greater public needs more NEADS information.


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