NEADS dogs enjoy ‘Changes in Latitudes’ Concert at Indian Ranch

One of the most important ways we socialize our puppies in training is to make sure they encounter every kind of experience we can think of. That way, they’ll never be surprised by anything when they eventually begin working. These encounters include going to the grocery store, the movies, parades, and of course, live music shows!

We have developed a wonderful new partnership with Indian Ranch, the most intimate live-concert venue in the area and the Country Music Capital of New England. They have invited NEADS to attend concerts all summer. We’ll have a booth set up at various shows (check our calendar to find out when we’ll be there) and this is a great opportunity for us to train our puppies to become used to the sights and sounds of a concert.

A huge thank you to Weekend Puppy Raisers Dawn Anderson, Lisa Sawyer, and Lisa Grandin for attending the show with their puppies in training; and also to Karen Gallagher, Russ Pratt and Dana Esposito for volunteering their time to man the booth and spread the word about NEADS. And of course, a big thank you to Indian Ranch!

Photos by Dana Esposito

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